3: Stay Small Keep It All with Glenn Williams

Braver Real Estate Podcast
Braver Real Estate Podcast
3: Stay Small Keep It All with Glenn Williams

About this Podcast:

Glenn Williams started investing in rentals in 1995. Over the years of becoming a Broker, wholesaler, rental property provider, and now predominantly running a rehabbing business there have been plenty of ups and downs. He left his job to go full time, then when back to a day job after failing to take the necessary actions in order to achieve success in his first full time investing attempt. After understanding what it takes to be successful he jumped back in to rehabbing full time in 2012 and has found his success by getting out of his own way by hiring quality team members to allow him to focus on higher level growth and strategic items.

In this episode, Glenn Williams shares how living by Stay Small Keep It All didn’t work out so hot.

Learn how hiring people caused his goals to expand.

Glenn has been doubling his deals year over year lately and he’s laying the groundwork to systematize his business and grow a team.

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