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Braver Real Estate Podcast
Braver Real Estate Podcast
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Danny Johnson Host of Braver Podcast

Danny Johnson


Danny is a father, private pilot, real estate investor, software developer, horrible chef, and traveler on the spiritual path.

He’s been flipping houses, wholesaling houses, creating real estate notes and holding rental properties since 2003. Having done nearly 1,000 deals and talked to somewhere in the vicinity of 5,000 plus motivated sellers, most consider him an expert.  He says he’s just a guy that is overly passionate about real estate. 

He’s the author of Flipping Houses Exposed: 34 Weeks In the Life of a Success House Flipper.

Danny still creates software for real estate investors and currently works with his team on Forefront, a real estate investor CRM.

Read more about his story and why he’s created this podcast on the About page.

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